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A guide for library research in Genetics

Finding an article about an inheritable disease

See the Find Articles tab above for help in using databases, and using Getit@CSULB for finding articles.  For your 370 assignment, try PubMed.  While PubMed is a freely available database, if you access it through this page you will have quick access to CSULB subscriptions using "Get it@CSULB" allowing you to find more full-text.

Brainstorm keywords that you would expect to find in articles you would be interested in.  For sure you will want to use the name of your disease.  If the diesease has more than one name, be sure to list all possibilities.  You may not even be aware of other names, but once you start scanning through search results you may find more names and/or other key words to use in your searching.

Once you identify articles that are about your disease, read the abstracts (summary) to see if the article will talk about the mechanism of the disease.  Then get the full text of the article.  Again, see the Find Articles tab above for more help getting the full text.

Once you have the article full text, read it.  The article will most likely be broken into sections such as methods and results.  You may also find review articles, which wont have methods and results but rather are a compilation of results from other research articles. 

You probably wont find what you need in the first article you look at.  Go back to your list of results and try again until you find a good fit for your assignment.

If you need more help finding articles, contact Cathy (see right.)

Using PubMed

When using PubMed, be sure to enter through our website (use the link below) so that you have access to CSULB subscriptions.  After searching and selecting an article, click the Get it @ CSULB button to link to full text, the COAST record for print, or interlibrary loan.

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