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BIOL 665: Home

A guide to help students of BIOL 665 with their research.

Finding Journal Articles at CSULB

  • Select a Database - start with the list of recommended databases
  • Use keywords to find articles on your topic.  Think of as many words as you can that might appear in articles on your topic.  Try different combinations of these words to see how your list of results changes until you find articles on the results page that look interesting to you.
  • Locate only Peer reviewed / Scholarly articles - academic research requires peer reviewed, scholarly articles published in journals like Advances in Marine Biology. From your databases search results limit your search to scholarly OR peer-reviewed articles.  Also, use other limiters such as publication year to refine your results list.
  • Review the Abstracts - review the results list of citations to decide if they are relevant to your research by looking at titles and abstracts (short summaries of the articles) in the database citation.

For finding the "oldest" article

Finding the oldest article on a topic can be difficult.  Keep in mind that the database you use needs to:

  • Cover the years you need
  • Cover the topic you need (index major journals in your area)

If you know a key researcher in your field, you can try an author search.

Once you've found your modern and/or seminal article, look for the oldest cited article in that paper.

For finding the "Seminal" article

Setting Google Scholar Library Links

When using Google Scholar at home, go to Scholar Preferences, library links, and search for and select CSULB.  Now in your search results you will have GetIt@CSULB links to access CSULB subscriptions for full-text articles.  See this how-to video for more info.