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Engineering: Engineering standards

This is the main CSULB Library Engineering page.

Why are Standards important?

"Standards play a very important part in the engineering world." They supplement the design process by guiding the designer or user to ensure consistent products with safe and reliable operation. Understanding and complying with pertinent standards helps to ensure a successful design, fabrication, and operation of a product.” (from Primer on Engineering Standards by Maan H. Jawad and Owen R. Greulich, ASME Press, 2014).

There are literally thousands of standards and they are usually expensive.  It is impossible for the library to try to purchase all or any of them.  We have ASTMs and IEEE (see this guide for more info).  However, if you run across a standard you really need, contact the engineering librarian.

When you are a working engineer, your company will already have or will acquire standards since they are essential for engineering.

Engineering Librarian

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Hema Ramachandran
Fall 2019/Spring 2020
Office Hours
Wed 2-5:30pm
Thurs 2-5:30pm
and by appt.
"Drop-in" and/or send me an email message to alert me.
If these times don't work for you, please send me an email for an appointment..

Standards databases @ CSULB

ANSI Classroom support

ANSI has a University Outreach Program that provides complementary access to ISO standards for classroom use. Faculty have to initiate the request.  Email for more information.