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Supporting the group project for ENGR 101

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Group Project

Research the following information on the chosen discipline:

  1. Industries served by the discipline
  2. Common job titles and descriptions
  3. The current job market and salary averages
  4. A major development/innovation relating to the discipline in the past 5 years
  5. Professional societies related to the discipline
  6. Typical coursework that are required to earn a Bachelor degree in the discipline
  7. Things you learned that you did not know before about the discipline (each team member must present this during the presentation)

You may use a variety of resources to research the information (web, technical journals, books, magazines, etc.) When using web resources, you should use authoritative sources, such as government sites and company websites, instead of non-authoritative sources, such as personal websites, Wikipedia, etc. Your team must use at least 5 references. At least 2 references must be from library databases.

Engineering Librarian

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Hema Ramachandran
NO OFFICE HOURS in the Summer session. Please email for appt.

Research Assistance

Drop into my “office hours” (see above) for assistance with engineering assignments that require research (to avoid walking across campus to my office in the the University Library). If you are an honors, graduate or research student (e.g. in the BUILD program) it is advisable to make an appointment (during these hours or at a mutually convenient time) via email (allow for a 1 hour consultation).