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Frequently Asked Questions: FAQs BOOKS

Frequently Asked Questions: Books

Search for the book in COAST. the CSULB University Library catalog. It is used to locate books, CDs, DVDs, eBooks, journals and more. Once you've found a book, check its location and status.  A book's call number will help you find the book within the library. The call number is on the spine of the book. For example, after searching COAST, you find a book with the call number "HV8280.AS O24." To find the book go to the floor listed under "Location" then look at the call number range labels on the book shelves until you find HV. Follow the HV's until you find 8280. Then look carefully for your item. Note: To learn more, use the Call Number Tutorial from Florida Atlantic University.

If the book is checked out to another user (check in COAST for the status) you can recall it in COAST so it is reserved for you when it is turned in. Or, you can request it from another library, through Link+. If the status in COAST shows "available", report it to the Circulation Desk near the front door so that a search can be initiated. If you still would like to check out the book, request it through Link+.

When looking at a book record in COAST, there are several possibilities under status: Available - book should be on the shelf at its call number Due 12-12-13 - Indicates the book is checked out to another user and due back on the date displayed Lib Use Only - This book can be used in the library, but not checked out. Online - View this item online using the link in COAST (this is the case for most items without a status as well) Missing - Book is lost and under review for replacement There are other miscellaneous statuses, all of which mean the book is unavailable for check out and you should request it through Link+

We have a service called Link+ which delivers books to our library withing 2-4 business days. Link+ is available right from the COAST catalog. Just click Link+ after any search to see if any of our partner libraries have the item. Request it using your campus ID number and library password and it will be delivered to our front desk. This service can be used for books we don't own as well as books that are currently checked out to another user. Find more info about Link+.

You can renew the books you have checked out online. Go to the Library's web site and click on the link My Library Account. Once you have logged in to your account, you will see a list of all items you have checked out. You can renew individual titles by checking the box, or renew all titles by clicking "renew all." If you need to set up a Library Pin/Password instructions are found at the bottom of the My Library Account page.

CSULB Library services are available to all people to some extent. Alumni and and other CSU students have priveleges, as well as local High School students and teachers. See services are available to those not affiliated with CSULB.

To purchase a book for our library, visit our Amazon Wish List.  If you would like to donate books of your own, see our Gift Policy.

CSULB library books are organized by call number.  Get the location and call number for your book from COAST.  Go to the correct floor and look at the numbers on the end of the shelves.  Your call number will consist of one or two letters, and a series of numbers.  Letters are in alphabetical order.  Once you find your letter, look at the numbers before the "."  1 will come first, then 200, 2000, etc.  How to read call numbers in an academic library

Book "Locations" in COAST will mostly start with a floor, and then include other information.

"2nd floor stacks"
"Stacks" are located on the South side of each floor.

"1st Floor Reference"
These books are located behide the reference desk on the 1st floor

"Reserve (Circulation Desk)"
These are located on the 1st floor, and need to be requested at the checkout (circulation) desk

"Reserve (Reference)"
These books are located behind the reference desk on the shelf to the far right on the 1st floor.
"Children's Nonfiction - 2nd Floor Room 204"
All Children's locations are East of the elevators/stairs on the 2nd floor.

"3rd Floor Special Collections Room 300"
These books are located East of the elevators/stairs on the 3rd floor.  Special Collections has limited hours.

"Lower Level- Federal Documents Microfiche"
These documents are located on the bottom floor, in the Southwest corner.  The machines to view these items are also located there.

More information about locations in the library.

Reserves are items professors have selected for use by students in a particular class.  E-reserves can be accessed using the name of the class and the password provided by your professor.  Physical items are held on the first floor of the library, either behind the circulation desk, or behind the reference desk.  Find the item in COAST to discover where it is.

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