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Design Objectives

From the syllabus:

As an engineer, one of our primary responsibilities is to apply our technical knowledge and creativity to solve problems. In the near future, you will be involved in designing new products that can provide an innovative as well as marketable solution to improve the quality of life. This class activity was developed to introduce you to the engineering design process. As a team, your goal is to design and build an "Egg Carrier" to move an egg from a start position over an obstacle to a final destination.

Using research to enhance the design process

Using resources from the library and the Internet can aid in the creative, innovative and problem solving process; this research guide provides examples of library resources and authortative internet sites.

Think creativily: if you just search for "egg carriers" you may not find any references. Think of things that are similar to the egg carrier.

Project requirements (library research)

The report must include:

At least TWO authoritative references. The authoritative references can be from books, book chapters, encyclopedias, sections in technical handbooks, patents, trade magazines (not general magazines such as "Time" or "Newsweek"), peer-reviewed articles, government resources or patents.

You can have more than two references of which some can be authoritative internet websites.

The bibliography (citations) must be formatted using the APA Style


Engineering Librarian

Hema Ramachandran
Monday 11am-1:30pm
Wednesday 2-6pm
Thursday 2-6pm