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Peer Reviewed




Call Number


Journal - a published collection of articles (previously in print, now frequently online only)

Peer Reviewed - A premium quality journal article that has been reviewed by others knowledgeable in the field prior to publication

Database -searchable list of article titles and abstracts

Citation - identifying information of an article (title, author, etc.)

Abstract - summary of an article found at the beginning and in databases

Call Number - Number of the spine of a book or journal determining its place on the shelf

DOI - Digital Object Identifier, a unique number assigned to each online article, used to cite them

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Journal Articles, What Are They?

Scientific Literature Is the way in which scientists communicate their research, methodology, results, and conclusions of their scholarly, scientific research.  This body of work, shared through scientific academic journals, is written by faculty researchers, and reviewed by specialists in the field.    

Structure and Style There are guidelines for the organization and structure that scientific journal articles must follow.  The basic structure includes:

  • Abstract – Summary of the article and includes subject terms used to index the article.
  • Introduction – Discusses the goal and purpose of the study as well as a literature review that describes prior research on the topic.
  • Methods – This section discusses materials used, methods and procedures performed, as well as a description of the research techniques – which should be repeatable.
  • Results – Contains data gathered from the experiment, which includes graphs, tables, diagrams and/or images.
  • Discussion or Conclusion – Interpretation of the results.  
  • References List – All of the sources used and cited by the authors.
  • Names and affiliations of all authors are given*

How do you determine if information is "scholarly" or not?

  • Written with scientific language
  • Are peer reviewed by specialists in the field 
  • Includes full citations for all the the sources used