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Links to get you started on your research:

Finding Four Journals in your Field of Interest

Using the database ScienceDirect (see the Finding Articles tab above), type in a general search term such as "kinesiology."    The title of the journal is in black italics.  Look for titles that show up frequently in the list of results.  Be sure to avoid titles with the words "review", "statistics", "theoretical", or "mathematical" in them as per your assignment.

ScienceDirect Result with Journal Title Labeled

You can also use other databases (such as Biological Abstracts, SportDiscus, or PubMed) in a similar way.

Finding an article with Biostatistics in it

See the Find Articles tab above for help in using library databases and Getit@CSULB to find articles.

Once you have a list of search results, read the abstracts to find one you think will have biostatistics in it.  Look for keywords such as "statistical analysis."  Abstracts with numbers and percentages are likely to have used statistical methods in their research.

Once you identify an article that will likely have statistical methods used, get the full text of the article.  Again, see the Find Articles tab above for more help getting the full text.

Once you have the article full text, read it.  Most often the article will be split into sections.  Look for a methods section and a results section.  Both might list methods used.  Look for the word "test" with a name in front of it.  E.g.  "Fisher's exact test" or "McNemar test".

You probably wont find what you need in the first article you look at.  Go back to your list of results and try again until you find a good fit for your assignment.

If you need more help finding articles, contact Norah (see right.)