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EE 697: Objectives


  1. Overview paper of the topic area
  2. Finding a reference describing open issues, and problems in topic area
  3. Finding 3-4 significant references in topic that can be used to define and develop your own project plan.
  4. Citing references - in papers and presentation (in-text and bibliography)



  • Overview of library databases and resources
  • Search techniques and tips for searching relevant engineering databases
  • Creating a RefWorks account
  • Exporting some relevant references from a database to Refworks
  • Creating a bibliography using IEEE format
  • Importance of crediting/attributing references (Plagiarism)
  • Paraphrasing/Quoting

Material formats

Different types of materials:

  • Journal articles: peer-reviewed, creditionals of the author, quality of the journal, metrics such as number of times article has been cited, impact factors
  • Conference papers: most recent developments, not always peer-reviewed and/or some degree of peer-reviewing
  • Books – synthesis of information, “big picture.”
  • Technical reports – not peer-reviewed but important technical information – often available free.
  • Patents - important for technical information (often not available elsewhere)