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American Studies: American Studies 300

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American Studies 300

American Studies 300
Library Resources (Fall 2016)

Greg Armento, History Librarian (562-985-4367)

UNIVERSITY LIBRARY PAGE has an overview of research services available in the library

SUBJECT ENCYCLOPEDIAS and REFERENCE MATERIAL use these if you want to "go beyond wikipedia"

American Decades. 10 vols, print. Gale, 2001.


American Decades: Primary Resources. Online Encyclopedia 2004.


Encyclopedia of American Foreign Policy Online encyclopedia. Scribner, c2002


Encyclopedia of American Immigration 4 print vols. M.E. Sharpe, c2001.


Encyclopedia of American Studies 4 print vols. Grolier Educational, 2001.


Encyclopedia of Recreation and Leisure in America. 2 print vols. Scribner & Sons, 2004.


Encyclipedia of Religion in America. Online encyclopedia.CQ Press, 2010.


Encyclopedia of Law & Society : American and Global Perspectives 3 print vols.  Sage Publications, 2007.


Encyclopedia of the United States in the 19th Century. 3 vols. 2001.


Encyclopedia of U.S. Foreign Relations 4 print vols. Oxford University Press, 1997


Global Connections : America's Role In the 21st Century. 1 vol, print. CQ Press, c2002.


Greenwood Encyclopedia of Mulitethnic American Literature. 5 vols., print. Greenwood Press, 2005.


St. James Encyclopedia of Popular Culture. Online Encyclopedia, 2013.


Violence in America: An Encyclopedia. 3 print vols. Scribners, 1999.


Women and Music in America Since 1900. 2 vols., print, Greenwood 2002.


Enter a third search term to find more U.S. related reference encyclopedias .




COAST (CSULB LIBRARY BOOK CATALOG) Provides access to our 1.25 million University Library books, some over 500 years old.


Use the formulation d:word. The term you search will be tagged with that heading (or descriptor) and will result in more highly relevant books. If you place an asterisk* at the end of the word, you will catch all word variants. So if you type in d:word*, it will find all subject headings using the terms: word or words or wordiness or wordy or wordsmith, etc.


You don't have to use D:WORD but if you do, you may get better in COAST. This technique only works in COAST and in no other databases and will not work in google.


Combine these below with d:united states


d:national characteristics, american     d:national identity     d:self-perception     d:identity


Other strategies to consider:


d:united states   d:music   d:culture

d:united states    d:identity    d:history

Here are some other examples relating to cultural topics:


d:united states d:rap


d:united states d:identity d:motion pictures             

If you get results using any of the above techniques, also conduct the exact same search using LINK+ to find even more materials at nearby libraries.


  • BeachReach to get journal articles that we don't own or have online delivered to your e-mail
  • LINK+ To rapidly get books from other libraries that we don’t have or that are out
  • These two loaning services are described here


American Periodicals 1700-1940 Covers periodicals.

America's Historical Imprints 1620-1820 Books, pamphlets, advertisements published between 1620 and 1820.

America's Historical Newspapers 1690-1876.

Archives of Human Sexuality and Identity: LGBTQ History and Culture since 1940

Hispanic American Newspapers, 1808-1980.

Historical Chicago Defender 1905-1975 Covers African American Newspaper

Historical Los Angeles Times, 1881-1990 Full text online coverage of the L.A.T.

Historical New York Times, 1851-2011 Full text online coverage of the N.Y.T.

Humanities and Social Science Index Retropsective, 1900-1983. Covers scholarly articles.

JSTOR Online Journal Archive A full text archive of core scholarly journal literature in the social sciences and humanities dating back to the 1850s‚Äč

Readers' Guide Retrospective 1900-1983.  Covers popular magazines.

Times (of London) Historical Archive, 1785- 2006. (Excludes Sunday Times)

Google News Archive. Contains full text facsimile newspapers from teh 1800s from newspapers across America.



To find the articles in databases, look for the SFX link in each citation. It may look like this     It is a shortcut to the article online. If we don’t have the article in the building, or online use BeachReach To rapidly get journal articles we don’t have, from other libraries.


Academic Search Complete Accesses nearly 6000 journals. Provides comprehensive interdisciplinary coverage 1990 to date.


America History & Life (for U.S. History) The premier periodical indexes for scholarly research in history. Article citations go back to the 1950s.


Anthropology Plus  Covers American anthropology research.


Art Full Text Research on the arts.


ATLA Religious Studies Research articles on religion, faith, etc.

Dissertations and Theses Provides full text PhD dissertations from across the U.S.

ERIC Educational research, teachers, curriculum, schools


GenderWatch. Women's Studies, gender studies, feminism.


JSTOR Huge archive of scholarly journals on all subjects.


MLA International Bibliography. Research on fiction, poetry, writing, literature.


Music Index Research in all forms of music.


Philosophers Index Research in philosophy.


Project Muse Scholarly full text journals in a wide range of humanities and social sciences


Sport Discus. Sports, exercise, physical educaiton.


Citation Help Libguide


To find types of domains: type in

  • site:edu (to find sites located at colleges, universities)
  • site:org (to find sites at nonprofit organizations)
  • site:gov (to find government sites, government documents)
  • site:int (to find international organizations, UN-type)
  • site:ru (stands for Russia. Use two letter country codes for domains in a country.

Search Tips

  • In GOOGLE searches place “phrases in quotes” to force word adjacency
  • Use OR (capitalized) to find synonyms (presidents OR prime ministers OR premiers)
  • Use domain stems (site:edu; site:org) to find sites in specific Internet realms
  • Truncation symbols (e.g. the asterisk*) does not work in GOOGLE

Use GOOGLE SCHOLAR  to find scholarly journal articles. If you do this on campus, you may be able to link to full text articles we subscribe to online.

GOOGLE BOOKS may allow you to read chapters of selected books. To find the full book, check COAST or LINK+