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Chemical Engineering research students: Google Scholar

For Dr. Yu's research students

Google Scholar versus Web of Science

Web of Science (WoS) indexes primarily journals which are selected by the publisher using scholarly criteria. WoS is interdisciplinary and covers all scientific areas, but it only covers what it considers to be the "best" journals and concentrates on English language ones.

Google Scholar (GS) (as opposed to Google) is a specialized search engine that searches the internet for scholarly (academic) type articles: in addition to journal articles, this includes conference papers, chapters in books, books, technical reports, digital repositories, web pages, patents etc.  However, it is an automated (in contrast to WoS which is human-curated) search engine that narrows the internet results based on machine automated criteria - it does not evaluate or distinguish the "best"  journals. SO, the onus is on the researcher to decide whether the article or item is scholarly, peer-reviewed and appropriate for their project.

You should ALWAYS begin your search in a database such as Web of Science since this will ensure that you retrieve high-quality journal articles - but sometimes when you are looking for a "needle in a haystack" Google Scholar is another avenue.

Using Google Scholar

Some articles in Google Scholar are freely available, but for many you need a subscription. So, when using Google Scholar at home, go to Scholar Preferences, library links, and search for and select CSULB.  Now in your search results you will have Get It at CSULB links to access CSULB subscriptions for full-text articles.

The direct URL is but there are links below for your convenience.

You can search by author, title of item, keywords..  Just like in Google, there is a "Advanced Search."

Search author using this command: Use the "author:" operator, e.g., author:"d knuth" or author:"donald e knuth".

To "export" citations. Visit the settings page and select RefWorks. Once you've saved your settings, we will add an import link to each search result. Click on the link for the result you would like to save.

Google Scholar Search Tips

Google Scholar Search

Setting Google Scholar Library Links

When using Google Scholar 

> Menu in upper left-hand corner


>library links

>Search for and select CSULB

>Now in your search results you will have GetIt@CSULB links to access CSULB subscriptions for full-text articles.  

Google Web Search