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Science Education: Journal Articles

Finding Journal Articles at CSULB

Step One:

The first step in finding scholarly/ peer reviewed articles for research is to use a database to find citations (including titles) of articles that are on your topic.  Keep in mind that for academic research you want to stick with scholarly articles published in journals as opposed to news type articles in magazines. Some databases will allow you to limit your search to scholarly articles, also called peer-reviewed, juried, or refereed articles, by checking a box.

Step Two:

Decide if the articles are relevant by looking at the titles and then read the abstracts.  After you have found citations for articles that seem relevant to your topic, you need to access the articles themselves. 

Getting the article:

Full text in the database? (Click PDF)


Click Get It @ CSULB takes you back into library system and lists databases where article is located


Not available at CSULB? Request through BeachReach


Recommended Jouranls

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