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Science Education: Find Articles

Books & Articles by CSULB Science Education Faculty

Recommended Jouranls

See these links for CSULB access to faculty recommended journals.

Science and Children

An NSTA journal for elementary school teachers

Science Scope

An NSTA journal for Middle School teachers

The Science Teacher

NSTA journal for High School teachers

Journal of College Science Teaching

An NSTA journal for community college teachers


Finding Journal Articles at CSULB

Step One

The first step in finding scholarly/ peer reviewed articles for research is to use a database or index to find citations (including titles) of articles that are on your topic. Online databases are listings of articles published in a particular set of journals. Paper indexes also list articles by subject and title and are updated with new printings periodically.
Keep in mind that for academic research you want to stick with scholarly articles published in journals like Advances in Nursing Science as opposed to news type articles in magazines like Newsweek. Some databases will even allow you to limit your search to scholarly articles, also called peer-reviewed, juried, or refereed articles, by checking a box.

The top of this page gives quick access to online databases useful for math research.

Step Two

After you have found citations for articles that seem relevant to your topic, you need to access the articles themselves. You can decide if they are relevant (articles you want) by looking at titles and abstracts (short summaries of the articles) in the database citation.

 Getting the article

(Follow these steps until you have the article in hand):

To get the article electronically:

  • Some articles will be available in full-text or PDF format by simply clicking a link right in the database.
  • If there is no direct link, look for an SFX link (see top left box on this page for more info) which searches for the article in any database subscribed to by CSULB and the COAST library catalog as well to let you know if CSULB has a subscription to the article online or in print.
  • If it is available electronically online, you should be able to click a link and then either print the article or e-mail it to yourself.
  • If SFX doesn't find the article, you should still try to find the journal in COAST (see below).

If the journal is not available electronically, get the article in paper:

  • Try a COAST Title of journal, magazine, newspaper search using the journal title, not the article title, to see if CSULB has the journal in paper.
  • If it is available in paper at CSULB you will have to come to the library to photocopy it. Make sure you write down the ENTIRE citation (author, title, journal title, volume, number, year, pages) from the database and the call number from COAST.
  • If it is not available electronically or in print at CSULB you can still request the article through Interlibrary Services. This gets the article from another library either in paper or electronically and usually takes 1-7 days. So be sure to start your research early! If you are in a hurry, you can check other library's catalogs and possibly go to that library to get the article.

Need help deciphering journal title abbreviations?

Try the PubMed Single Citation Matcher

Type in your journal title abbreviation and find out what the full title is!

Search Google Scholar