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Creative Writing: Useful Websites for Writers

This guide is designed to provide a starting point for students and faculty interested in Creative Writing using both electronic and print resources available from the CSULB Library or freely available on the Internet.

Useful Links: To be subdivided eventually

The Asian American Writers' Workshop

"Established in 1991, The Asian American Writers' Workshop, Inc. is a nonprofit literary arts organization dedicated to the creation, development, publication and dissemination of Asian American literature.  The Workshop publishes The Asian Pacific American Journal, the literary magazine Ten and various anthologies on underrepresented Asian American experiences."   Also, since 1998 they have sponsored the "Annual Asian American Literary Awards have honored Asian American writers for excellence in fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, memoir, stage plays and screenplays."

AWP: The Association of Writers & Writing Programs

"Since 1967, AWP has supported writers a&writing programs around the world.  We now support over 24,000 writers at over 370 member colleges & universities & 125 writers' conferences & centers."  They publish a magazine, sponsor writing contests, provide information about careers and jobs, have lists of writers' conference and centers, have a small bookstore (called the 'Bookshelf'), and hold an annual conference which includes a book fair and a pedagogy forum.

 Before You Write That Check

 The Writer's Center's Scam Kit page; check it out so that you are not caught by those scamsters who would part you from your hard-earned money.  'Essentially, scams fall into three categories: 1.  Services to writers - from editing, through organizations, to agenting;  2.  Education for writers -including correspondence schools;  3.  Publication - including contests and "prizes."  '

 Independent Literary Centers with Programs and Services for Writers

"Literary centers exist to be spaces for writers, much as dancers and musicians need spaces. But, of course, for a different reason. Literary centers support developing as well as well-known writers. In the regions they serve, they are a focus for small literary presses and magazines activity. The support literary centers offer comes in the form of community and audience development.   With some exceptions, the literary centers in [their] list are nonprofit and tax-exempt, have independent boards of directors and budget, a physical space, paid staff, and three or more of the following programs: a literary reading series, writing workshops, a newsletter or other communications, a book display, workspace and equipment."

 International Directory of Little Magazines and Small Presses.  [Annual; most recent edition in Reference]

 Annotated listing of small press publishers of books, chapbooks, and little mags.

LMP: Literary MarketPlace.  [Annual; most recent edition in Reference]

Listing of publishers (mostly mainstream and academic), with contact information and types of materials published; includes index by types of materials/subjects published.

 Peace Corps Writers

Do you know that nearly 800 former Peace Corps Volunteers have published books (to say nothing of articles and other things).  Check out this place where 'returned Peace Corps Volunteers write about their world.'

Links about  theatre, production, and writing for playwrights, actors, producers, directors, & stage managers.

Writer Beware

Sponsored by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writer's of America, Writer Beware is a site devoted to educating writers about traps for the unwary, e.g., fee-charging agents, dishonest book doctors, fraudulent subsidy publishers, and fake contests.

The Writer's Market.  [Annual; most recent edition in Reference]

Annotated listing of mainstream publishers, some book but mostly magazine publishers, with information on types of materials wanted and submission requirements.

Writing Links & Links for Writers / Writers' Resources on The Web and More

Networking, the business of writing, reference and research, writing tools, the writer's life, fiction, and non-fiction links.  Also Towse's Links to Online Submission Guidelines -- Agents, Publishers, Markets for Writers.


The Baby Name Wizard

This site provides an really cool visualization of popularity and trends in names over the last century or so.  Give it a try!

The Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest

"Where WWW means 'Wretched Writers Welcome'."  When you are feeling down about your writing, give this a try!

The Name Machine

Having trouble naming that pesky character?  Is she an Effie, Edith, or Emily?  A Maud or a Morgan?  Lakeisha, Lana, or Lauren?  Was that name known and used at the time that character would have been born?  If your character would have been born in the last century or so, perhaps The Name Machine can help you decide.  As the site says: "The Name Machine analyzes first names and their popularity over the past 112 years."  Includes the top 1,000 names of the year for each year since 1990.  Often includes origin and meaning of the name.  For further information on people's names, please consult COAST, the online catalog, with a Subject search under the term "Names, Personal."