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Social Sciences: Find Articles / Databases

Searching Techniques:

Databases might have different interfaces but they have similar functionality:

AND    Use AND between search terms to narrow a search by including more than one concept, e.g. teen AND pregnancy 

OR      Use OR between search terms to broaden a search by including synonyms for a concept, e.g. (teen OR adolescent) 

" " Use quotation marks to search for a phrase, in the exact order you type it, e.g. “health care reform”. 

Use an asterisk to search for multiple versions of a word, e.g. obes* will allow you to search for obesity and obese.

() Use parentheses when you are using synonyms (see OR above).

Finding a Specific Article

1. Citation Linker can help you find out if the library has a full-text online copy of a specific journal article. Enter as much of the following information as possible, and Citation Linker will search our databases to see if we have a copy of the article:

  • Full title of the journal. Do not use a journal abbreviation.
  • Year.
  • Volume.
  • Issue.
  • First page of the article.  

2. If the library has the full text online, you will see a link to the appropriate database.

3. If we only have the article in print, you will see a link to COAST for the location in the library of the print copy. 

4. If we have neither, you will see a link for BeachReach. Request the article through BeachReach and we will get it from another library (no charge) and email it to you, usually within 24 hours to 48 hours.

Get It @ CSULB

Get It @ CSULB

This button appears in almost all of the Library's research databases (e.g. Academic Search Complete or PsycInfo).

Click the button to search all of CSULB's subscriptions for full text of your article.

If you have any problems, please report them at the link below: 

Not Available at CSULB?

Is your article not available at CSULB?

Put in a request through BeachReach to get full-text of any article. 

You can get to BeachReach from the  page when you are searching in the databases.

Need more information on BeachReach? Visit our interlibrary services page.

Many Thanks

This guide was created by Spring 2011 library intern Katia Karadjova.