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History Course Handouts: History 349 (History of Food)

Handouts Used for Library Instruction in History Research

Library Research Handout for History 349

Food History Research, Library Resources (2/2017)

Greg Armento, History Librarian, (562-985-4367) 

University Library PAGE  contains an overview of research services available in the library.

 For more research options, go to United States History Research Guide 


1. If you place an asterisk* at the end of the word, you will catch all word variants. So if you type in word*, it will find all subject headings using the terms: word or words or wordiness or wordy or wordsmith, etc. (Don't use the asterisk in a google search. It does not work)

2. If you want to force word adjacency or find a phrase, such as "drinking establishment*",  place your words in quotation marks as shown. With the asterisk at the end, we'll find the phrase "drinking establishment or drinking establishments"

3. If you want synonyms in a search, make capitalize OR (cooking OR culinary OR gastronom*)

FINDING HISTORY BOOKS (print and online)

Use OneSearch Book Search to find books and media we have.

If you want higher relevancy in your results, try a OneSearch Subject Keyword Search for terms within a subject (or descriptor) heading, and will result in more highly relevant books.

Try some of these subject keyword combinations below in conjunction with an a secondary topic of interest.

cookbook*     restaurant*     food habits     recipe*     cookery     food     cuisine*     gastronom*     alcoholic beverag*      tavern*     bars 
For finding primary materials, use some of these subject keywords below with another topic of interest:

sources   personal narrative*   interview*   diaries   oral histor*   biograph*   correspondence   papers   letters   facsimile*    



CSU+ To rapidly get books from other libraries that we don’t have

BEACH REACH To rapidly get journal articles we don’t have, from other libraries

These 2 services described here


America’s Historical Newspapers, 1690-1876  Offers fully searchable, cover-to-cover reproductions of more than one million pages from more than 650 historical American newspapers.  Northern and “Old Northwest” newspapers are covered up until 1876. Southern newspaper coverage stops by the 1820s.

American's Historical Imprints, 1639-1820  Pamphlets and books about every aspect of life in 17th- and 18th-century America, social science, sciences and humanities. The collection consists of more than 37,000 full text books, pamphlets and broadsides.1) Click on “Subject” tab. 2) Click on “Society and Manners” subtab. 3) Resulting list of topics includes “food,” “food habits,” “cookery,” “recipes,” “taverns”

American Periodicals, 1700-1940 Contains full text articles of popular and scholarly magazines.

Congressional Hearings 1824 - 2003. May contain food safety & regulation testimony before Congress.

EEBO Early English Books Online 1473 -1700 full text collection of early English books.  

Hispanic American Newspapers 1808 - 1980. Full text Spanish and English language newspapers.

Historical New York Times 1851-2012 and Historical Los Angeles Times 1881-1993 and Historical Chicago Defender 1905-1975. (African American Newspaper) All three databases contain full text online access to the newspapers and can be searched simultaneously. Excellent place to find recipes, food news, etc.

Humanities and Social Sciences Index Retrospective and Readers' Guide Retrospective. Both cover popular and scholarly magazines published from 1890-1983. Use these to find accounts of events in the 20th Century. They can be searched simultaneously. 

Times (Of London) Historical Archive 1785-2010. Full text newspaper.


To find articles in many of our databases, look for the SFX icon in each citation. It may look like this get it at csulb It’s a shortcut to finding the article online.

Academic Search Complete  Accesses 1200 full text journals and 1800 citation only journals. Comprehensive interdisciplinary index. 1990 to date.

L’Année Philologique  Covers Greco-Roman Antiquity. Includes journal articles, essays, books, book reviews and dissertations. Topics covered: history, religion, folklore, philosophy, archeology and classical literature. Coverage is 500 b.c.e. to 500 c.e.

Brepolis Medieval Bibliographies Online  Covers research, journal articles and books focusing on European history from 300 – 1500 c.e.

Dissertations (Online)  Provides full text access to PhD dissertations back to the early 20th Century

Historical Abstracts The premier periodical indexes for research in World history. For U.S. history select America History & Life  Article citations go back to the 1950.


Food History - Library of Congress. “Science Tracer Bullets Online” Series

Regional History Resources, Los Angeles Public Library, Menu Collection


Use Google Scholar to find a wide range of interdisciplinary scholarly journals. You may be able to open many of these articles if searching on our campus (since it knows our IP address and what we subscribe to.)

Use Google Books to identify a wide array of books that might exist on your topic. You can then check our OneSearch catalog or CSU+ to see if it can be borrowed quickly.

Use Google News Archive to find full text newspapers from around the nation.

If you want to be more restrictive in you search, try headlines only, use phrase ALLINTITLE: