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EE 545 : Assignment

A course guide to support the assignments in EE 545 and EE 548


    General information:

  • Create an annotated research bibliography
  • A bibliography is a list of references/citations
  • Each item should be annotated (short summary in your own words of each article)
  • Articles should have been published within the last 5 years
  • Critically select articles that are relevant to the topic
  • Use IEEE style format
  • References should primarily be from IEEE but references can also be from other technical journals.
  • Critically evaluated web references are permitted.
  • Develop a list of ' open issues/ current research topics' in the same area.

Specifics (from Dr. Mangir):

1. Find an overview paper
2. Find a paper describing open issues, research problems, etc.
3. Pick an area from 2. And develop a coherent project, using at least three references in this 'narrow' area! 
4. Develop the project idea with references and tasks,
5. Develop project plan with milestones.

ASSIGNMENT DUE ????  Upload to BeachBoard Dropbox.

Project Topics:

  • Layers in IP Networking, cross layer communication
  • Network protocol analyzer,
  • IP utilities, how they are used
  • Socket programming, examples and use
  • TCP Flow Control- TCP congestion behavior ( restart, back-off etc)
  • Cloud computing
  • Security- End2End protection
  •  Intrusion Detection
  • Simulation - Event Driven vs Discrete
  • Network Simulation vs. Emulation - differences and usage
  • Riverbed ( old OPNET)
  • GlomoSim, QualNet, Wireshark, etc. other tools
  • Software Defined Networks                                                                                                                                                       Tips on creating annotated bibliographies


  • Overview of library databases and resources
  • Search techniques and tips for searching relevant engineering databases
  • Creating a RefWorks account
  • Exporting some relevant references from a database to Refworks
  • Creating a bibliography using IEEE format
  • Writing annotations
  • Importance of crediting/attributing references (Plagiarism)
  • Paraphrasing/Quoting