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CECS 572: Assignment


Complete details are in the syllabus (this is a summary)

Students are required to write two papers during the semester. Topics for both papers must be about a new networking technology (no more than 18 months old). These two papers are required in addition  to the final research paper.

Paper Details

All papers should follow the IEEE citation style format.

For the format of the paper, please follow the instructions below (which may be different than the one in the Chicago Manual).

•      The Papers must be BETWEEN 4-5 pages in length excluding references, figures and tables.

•      References should be listed at the end of the paper. Do not list references as footnotes.

At least three (3) different sources are required.

No abstract or list of keywords needs to be included. (If you chose to include them, please place them on a separate first page.

More details on the format of the paper are in the syllabus.