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CECS 572: Citation styles

General Information

Why cite?

"Whenever you quote, summarize, paraphrase or refer to the work of another person you need to cite it. Citing is the way to give credit to other's work when you use it in your papers, speeches and projects. Citing other's work is a very important step in the academic writing process and the best way to avoid plagiarism.

Tip: You do not have to cite anything that is considered common knowledge such as dates of events, well known facts, etc."

From  Citation Help

What needs to be cited?

Any time you use someone else's words you need to cite either as direct quotes or summaries.. This includes:

  • journal articles, newspaper articles or magazine articles
  • books or book chapters
  • web sites and web pages
  • encyclopedias
  • government documents
  • emails, interviews or speeches
  • all ideas or words in any format that are not your own



Citation Styles in Engineering

FOR THE PAPERS in this course you will be using the IEEE Citation Style format.

 Ref Works will generate your bibliography in the required style BUT it is your responsibility to ensure that it is accurate. Occassionally there are errors in any automated citation generators.