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MAE 373: Objectives

Supports the assignment for this course


You  are required to write a literature review based  on one of the following topics.

  1. Write a review paper on advanced solutions for the application of new materials, design, and technologies to address long-term road and bridge maintenance and pavement/concrete rehabilitation needs.
  2. Write a review paper on designing earthquake-resistant structures.
  3. The Romans developed a concrete material that enabled the construction of seawalls that remained intact for over 2,000 years. However, the service life of our modern concrete infrastructure is only about 10 years. Write a review paper to discuss why Roman concretes can survive and what we can learn from Romans to improve the safety and durability of current concrete infrastructures


  • Overview of library databases and resources
  • Search techniques and tips for searching relevant engineering databases
  • Creating an Endnote account
  • Exporting some relevant references from a database to Endnote
  • Creating a bibliography using ASME format
  • Importance of crediting/attributing references (Plagiarism)
  • Paraphrasing/Quoting

Material formats

Different types of materials:

  • Journal articles: peer-reviewed, creditionals of the author, quality of the journal, metrics such as number of times article has been cited, impact factors
  • Conference papers: most recent developments, not always peer-reviewed
  • Books – synthesis of information, “big picture.”
  • Technical reports – not peer-reviewed but important technical information – often available free.
  • Patents - important for technical information (often not available elsewhere)
  • Standards - a document that provides rules or guidelines to achieve order in a given context