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CHE 100: Your Assignment

The Assignment

Unit Assignment:

Units are important.  It is the fundamental breakdown of what is studied in physics.  It describes how a quantity changes in regards to another quantity.  Yet, the intricate relationship of the different comparisons in a quantity are often overlooked.  In this assignment, you will look at a unit or quantity in detail.  The main three factors you will study are:

  1.  The history of the unit or quantity.  When it was first “discovered”, and what scientist put it into a unit or quantity used today.
  2. The breakdown of the unit.  Go over the different definitions of the units.  For unitless quantities, what are the various components that describe the quantity, so that all of the units cancel out.  Otherwise, describe the different components of a unit, breaking down to the fundamental SI units (length, time, temperature, moles, charge, mass).  Even simple units have something interesting.  For example, for length, what is a parsec? 
  3. Describe a recent scientific breakthrough regarding your unit/quantity.  What is new about this discovery?


  1.  A three minute elevator speech that goes over the three items described above.
  2. A two page report including references of the three items above. A minimum of two citations to journal articles on recent scientific breakthroughs and any additional citations to entries in encyclopedias or handbooks; cite using APA format. 
  3. Use this library research guide for your research
  4. Final:  Your final will be a closed quiz on the unit list.  You will be tested on the memorization of the breakdown in the units of the quantities in the list. 


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