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Have to write a research paper?   Don’t panic! 

DO NOT reach for Google but  DO REACH for the CSULB Library’s home page!  We have a LOT of authoritative, credible sources for you that will save you time to find relevant resources on any topic!


Library Lingo



Call number




Peer Reviewed


Reference - Encyclopedias etc. that cannot be checked out

Reserve -  Books and other items for courses selected by instructors

Call Number - Number on the spine of a book or journal determining its place on the shelf

Database -searchable list of article titles and abstracts

Citation - identifying information of an article (title, author, etc.)

Abstract - summary of an article found at the beginning and in databases

Peer Reviewed - A premium quality journal article that has been reviewed by others knowledgeable in the field prior to publication

Journal - a published collection of articles (previously in print, now frequently online only)

Quick quiz

Which resource do you use to find books in the Library?
Compendex: 2 votes (4.88%)
OneSearch: 32 votes (78.05%)
AIAA Library: 5 votes (12.2%)
Web of Science: 2 votes (4.88%)
Total Votes: 41
Which is the main database for engineering?
ASTM: 4 votes (11.11%)
Web of Science: 3 votes (8.33%)
ERIC: 4 votes (11.11%)
Compendex: 25 votes (69.44%)
Total Votes: 36
Help! I have to write a short paper on an engineering topic overnight! I only need a few, good scholarly references. What should I use?
ASM Micrographs Database: 3 votes (6.82%)
OneSearch: 28 votes (63.64%)
Compendex: 12 votes (27.27%)
IEEE Xplore: 1 votes (2.27%)
Total Votes: 44

Engineering Librarian