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MGMT 425 (S. Reddy's Classes): Home

This guide will help you find the resources you need to complete your company/industry assignment.


This guide is designed to provide information about the library resources available to the students in Dr. Reddy's MGMT 425 classes. Take a look at the Company Information and the Industry Information tabs. They list the pertinent databases that you can use to find information about a specific company or industry. Listed in the Company Information tab is the database Mergent Online. This is a particularly helpful database for company information. It offers company reports that include-history, SEC filings, competitors, financials and much more. Not every company is listed in this database but if your company is included you will be able to find a wealth of useful information. In addition, take a look at the database IBISWorld listed in the Industry Information tab. IBISWorld has a huge number of reports on US industries. You can search by keyword as well as NAICS code. This database also includes a selection of global industry reports.

In addition to the databases for company and industry information you might also want to use both ABI Inform and Business Source Premier to locate articles on a particular company or about a specific industry. Please see the Creating Search Statements tab to find out how to construct a workable statement when searching these databases.


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