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Nursing: Getting Started

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Develop your Research Question

The PICO(T) Question

A clinical question that is composed using the PICO or PICOT format will help you to focus your search and help you to develop your research skills which are essential in finding the best available evidence.

The most common PICO(T) elements are:

P - Population

  • How you would describe a group of people with a similar problem or complaint.

I - Intervention

  • How you plan to treat, medicate, diagnose and/or observe the patient's care.

C - Comparison (if applicable)

  • The main intervention alternative you are considering (i.e. placebo, alternative therapy, different drug, surgery).

O - Outcome

  • The result from proposed treatment that is measurable, including improvement of symptoms,no symptoms, or complications.

(T) - Time (if applicable)

  • The time frame of treatment and/or measurable outcome.