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Scholarship @ the Beach!: About

A guide to policies and procedures for submitting your work to the Scholarship @ the Beach repository.

What is Scholarship @ the Beach?

Scholarship @ the Beach is a digital institutional repository.  Digital institutional repositories collect and preserve the scholarly output of a university or other research institution.  CSULB faculty have the option of submitting their work to Scholarship @ the Beach, where it will be preserved and made accessible.  Submission to Scholarship @ the Beach promotes collaboration and open access, and it can be an important part of a researcher's data management plan, such as those required by funding agencies such as the National Science Foundation.

How to search Scholarship @ the Beach

Go to Scholarship @ the Beach to begin your search.

You can search S@B using keyword searches in the search box in the top right corner:

Image of Keyword Search Box

Or you can browse a collection. Select "Communities and Collections":

Image: Select Communities and Collections

Select "Original Scholarship @ the Beach" and drill down into the college and collection you would like to browse.