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Sociology Course Guides: Introduction

Find all the research guides for courses in Sociology. Find your course number and check it out!


This is the page for Sociology Courses. Click on the tab for the course you are enrolled in to see specific databases and information that is ideal for your assignments. 

Ask the Sociology Librarian a question


Office Hours

I will be on sabbatical starting March 16. I will return in the Summer Session. If you need research assistance please consult the Librarian Help page Check out the Library Fast FAQs for instructional videos. 


If you need to speak with someone other than for research help please call: 562-985-8472

Sociology Drop In Workshops

These classes are ideal for Soc 270 and Soc 355 and/or anyone that needs a little extra research or style formatting help for a sociology course. 


Tiffini Travis