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Social Work: Getting Started

Journal of Social Work (Current Issue)


Getting Started

1st Step: Create a research statement or question for your topic. e.g. "Does poverty affect child development?"

2nd Step: Break your research statement into search terms/keywords. e.g. poverty AND child development

3rd Step:  Find synonyms for those terms. (Not all authors use the same terminology.)

For example: 


Search Terms/Keywords



 (poverty OR poor OR low income)

  "child development"

("child development" OR "psychological development" OR "biological development")


4th Step:  Choose the database to search. (Find Articles/Databases tab)

For this topic, you might try the following databases

  • Academic Search Complete
  • PsycInfo
  • Social Services Abstracts



Social Work Librarian

Carol Perruso
Best way to reach me: Email

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