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Student Library Services

Student Services at the University Library available to currently enrolled CSULB students.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about Distance Education Services

Do I need a library card?

  • A CSULB ID serves as your library card. CCPE (or your department) will send or mail you an ID card (with the logo in place of your picture). You need the card itself to borrow books from other CSU libraries. You also need a Library Password to use most of CSULB Library's online resources. If you do not have a CSULB ID, the Library can issue a card if you are listed on the Distance Learning roster (provided by your instructor or department to the library).

  • Where else might I access these databases?

    At most other CSU libraries, you can use the databases they purchase for their students, some of which will be the same as those available through CSULB. Some databases are available at community colleges and at public libraries.

  • Will you send the book to me?

    If the CSULB Library owns the book you need, we can send it to you. Exceptions are materials that do not circulate, such as reference books, material from Special Collections, media, and reserve materials. Complete the appropriate BeachReach Interlibrary loan form to request a book.  Distance learners need to indicate their status every time they make a request by answering YES to the question on each form "Are you are distance learner?" Books will be mailed free of charge; however you must pay return postage. If you need a book not owned by CSULB, it may be faster to request it through your nearest public library or CSU library.

  • What if I need a copy of a journal article?

    Use the free CSULB Library BeachReach interlibrary loan service. You will not have to return the article. Distance learners need to indicate their status every time they make a BeachReach request by noting answering YES to the question on each form "Are you are distance learner?"

  • What are my borrowing privileges at the other State University Libraries?

    With your current ID card, you have borrowing privileges at over 20 other California State University libraries. See Agreement on Library Support for CSU Distance Learning Courses.

  • How do I get research assistance?

    Librarians are available for help by chat, e-mail or phone.

  • Where can I get more information about Distance Education courses?

    Connect to the College of Continuing and Professional Education or phone them at (800) 963-2250.

    How can my Distance Education students get access to the library? (Rosters)

    At the beginning of each term, the instructor must send the CSULB Library a current roster of students enrolled. Without these rosters we cannot provide service to distance students. The rosters must include for each student: name, address, ID number, telephone number, e-mail address, and host library. Send rosters to Vicky Munda (by email) or by fax at (562) 985-1703, attention Library Circulation. Please allow at least 48 hours Monday-Friday for the rosters to be input into the Library's user database. If you have questions, please contact Vicky Munda at (562) 985-5567.

Delivery Options for Distance Learners

Distance learners should request materials (books, articles, conference proceedings, etc.) not available at CSULB using ILLiad Interlibrary Services, with these cautions:

  • Complete the appropriate BeachReach Interlibrary loan form. Distance learners need to indicate their status every time they make a BeachReach request by noting answering YES to the question on each form "Are you are distance learner?"
  • As a special service to distance learners, the CSULB Library will send through snail mail any materials (including those owned by CSULB) that can not be delivered electronically (this generally applies to books).
  • For books, the date due and the return address will be provided you when you receive the book. You are responsible for the payment of return postage.
  • If available electronically, journal articles will be emailed to you. If no electronic copy is available, a photocopy will be sent to you by first class mail.
  • If the library owns the item you request and it is on the shelf, it should arrive in less than a week.
  • Items that must be requested from other libraries will take longer than CSULB owned materials.
  • Check OneSearch to see if CSULB Library owns the item you want.
  • Check on the progress of your request by logging in to BeachReach Interlibrary Services and "Review Status of Requests and Retrieve Electronically Delivered Items".

Libraries in Your Community

We have reciprocal agreements with other CSU libraries, so if you live near one, you may go there to ask reference questions. Other libraries you may wish to use include