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Zotero Citation Management Tool: About Zotero

Zotero is a citation management tool that helps you to collect, manage and cite citation records with ease. It works well as a Firefox plug-in or a stand-alone for Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari browsers.

What is Zotero?

As a Firefox plug-in or a stand-alone for Firefox, Google Chrome, or Safari browsers, Zotero helps collect, organize, cite, and share citation records with ease.  Specificaly, Zotero can

  • Automatically capture citations and grab citation-related information such as author, title, or abstract
  • Organize your citation records with collection folders and tags
  • Store PDFs, images, and web pages
  • Cite from within Word and OpenOffice using subject-specific bibliographic styles (beyond APA, MLA, or Chicago Style)
  • Collaborate with others using group libraries

Zotero Three-Column Structure

Zotero organizes the citation records in three panes.  The left pane contains library folders; the middle pane contains items within each folder; and the right pane includes information about specific item in each folder.