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BIOL 665: Home

A guide to help students of BIOL 665 with their research.

For finding the "oldest" article

Finding the oldest article on a topic can be difficult.  Keep in mind that the database you use needs to:

  • Cover the years you need
  • Cover the topic you need (index major journals in your area)

If you know a key researcher in your field, you can try an author search.

Once you've found your modern and/or seminal article, look for the oldest cited article in that paper.

For finding the "Seminal" article

Setting Google Scholar Library Links

When using Google Scholar 

> Menu in upper left-hand corner


>library links

>Search for and select CSULB

>Now in your search results you will have GetIt@CSULB links to access CSULB subscriptions for full-text articles.  

Google Web Search