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CHLS 100

Research guide for student in CHLS 100.


This guide is designed to provide an introduction to learning:

1)  How to identify scholarly materials

2)  How to find scholarly materials

3)  How to cite scholarly material using the Modern Language Association citiaton format.

         Chicana studying    

This LibGuide will also assist you in completing the research assignments for this class!

Research Tips

TIP: Each database uses different terminology to describe Latino/a communities.  You may need to use various descriptors to find the information you seek, for example:

  • Chicano
  • Chicana
  • Chican@
  • Chicanx
  • Mexican American
  • Mexican national
  • Latino/a
  • Latinx
  • Puerto Ricans
  • Nuyorican
  • Afro-Latino
  • Salvadoran American

Subject Guide

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