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CSULB's I-Space response 

Christianne Beyer, Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and Technical Director of CSULB Library’s I-Space and her team are responding to the COVID-19 crisis:

  • Professor Beyer started with her own design enhancements based on approved designs and guidelines by the FDA to create a face-shield which is functional and fast to 3D print
  • The headband is 3D printed and the clear shield is cut out on a laser cutter. 
  • Tested by staff at the CSULB’s Health Center
  • The two parts snap together, an elastic band added at the back 
  • St. Mary’s Medical Center, Long Beach has already picked up over 85 shields
  • Contact with the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health to extend distribution
  • The industrial-grade 3-D lab  is currently making 40 frames per day but Professor Beyer and her team of three staff are hoping to ramp up to 80-100 a day
  • Professor Beyer is also testing a N95 face mask, printed on a Stratasys J750 printer, for its --watertight capabilities. Read more 

This is a HIGHLY SELECTIVE list of initiatives nationwide. It will be under continuous construction. Suggestions welcome!