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HSI Survey 2017: ACRL '17

Summary data from 2017 Hispanic Serving Institution Survey on Cultural Competency.

Using ACRL Diversity Standards to Transform Libraries:
How Do We Practice & Value Cultural Competencies?

Brief Program Description

A panel of librarians will unpack the ACRL Diversity Standards: How are cultural competencies valued--both at the individual and/or institutional level? Focused on a survey for Hispanic Serving Institutions (HIS) of California, panelists will discuss the results of how HIS libraries utilize the Diversity Standards and foster cultural competencies. Attendees will engage in a dialogue about how cultural competencies are weighted as an asset for student success and during the hiring process.

Full Program Description

As librarians, how do we interpret the “Diversity Standards” (2012) developed by the Racial and Ethnic Diversity Committee of ACRL? These Diversity Standards have defined “Cultural Competency for Academic Libraries”—but how does our work align or disalign with the cultural competencies articulated? As professionals, how do we engage with these standards and how do we practice cultural competencies? In what ways do our libraries and institutions take these standards/competencies into consideration? How is student success enhanced by culturally competent librarians?

A panel of librarians from California community colleges, public universities, and private colleges will present an overview of the frameworks that have defined cultural competencies in academic libraries. The panelists will engage in an open dialogue on how cultural competencies are valued within diversity efforts leading to student success and hiring practices. The panel will also provide context on the revision of the Diversity Standards by the Racial and Ethnic Diversity Committee of ACRL.

In addition, survey results reporting on how cultural competence is evaluated, or not, in the hiring of librarians at California Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSI) will be presented for the first time. HSIs are defined as eligible institutions that have an enrollment of undergraduate full-time equivalent students that is at least 25 percent Hispanic students. The survey results will add to the discussion and data of how diversity standards are institutionalized, or not, in the recruitment and hiring praxis of academic libraries. New or innovative practices documented from the survey will be highlighted and explored by the panelists.

A vigorous question/answer exchange will be part of this program following the panel presentations. Comments and suggestions will be recorded on the walls using large sheets of paper. The panelists will share their findings and participant feedback with the ACRL Racial and Ethnic Diversity Committee.

In conclusion, this panel will investigate current personal and institutional interpretations and practice of the ACRL Diversity Standards. These multi-dimensional lenses will provide a broad focus of interest to both the front-line practitioner and library administrators who jointly share the responsibility to create an environment for student success. Participant feedback and panel conclusions will add the ongoing discussion of implementation of diversity practices in academic, college and research libraries.