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Journalism & Public Relations: JOUR 360

Culture and Politics of the Internet

Policy Research Strategies

If you are looking for a law, this interactive presentation will walk you through the steps.

Also, explore these databases below: Academic Search Complete, CQ Researcher, Opposing Viewpoints, Congressional Publications, Congressional Hearings and Westlaw. Academic Search Complete will give you articles about laws. CQ Researcher and Opposing Viewpoints have reports and reference information on laws and regulations, as well as social issues. Both can be searched or browsed by issue. In Westlaw you can search directly for statutes, or for law review journal articles about laws. And in the Congressional Publications database you will find reports and laws.

For example, CQ Researcher has 2018 reports on The Fight Over Net NeutralityAlgorithms and Artificial Intelligence and Privacy and the Internet and a 2019 report The 5G Revolution. You can search CQ Researcher or Browse by issue.

Opposing Viewpoints has a piece on Net Neutrality, including the regulatory history of it, and a 2020 piece on Privacy. TIP: In this database filter results by Reference to find laws and cases related to laws.

Look for analyses of the law to see what scholars have to say. Try the Academic Search Complete, Communication & Mass Media Complete, ACM Digital Library, Emerald Insight, Public Administration Abstracts, ScienceDirect, ABIInform and Westlaw databases.

If the law is too new for scholarly research to have been published, try Global Newsstream for major newspaper stories, ABIInform for trade journal articles.

Here are some sample searches:

  • ("right of privacy" OR "internet privacy") AND (laws OR regulations OR policies)
  • "electronic surveillance" AND (laws OR regulations OR policies)
  • "network neutrality" AND (laws OR regulations OR policies)
  • copyright AND (laws OR regulations OR policies)
  • broadband access AND (laws OR regulations OR policies)
  • information inequality AND (laws OR regulations OR policies)

This is a little harder to research. You might want to look at some current laws and see what is missing. Or look for bills that weren't passed into law. Articles that assess current laws or societal problems might help you demonstrate the need for a new law and how it will benefit society.

Try these databases (below): Academic Search Complete, ACM Digital Library, Business Source Premier, Communication & Mass Media Complete, Emerald Insight, Public Administration Abstracts, Westlaw. Global Newsstream will give you news stories about proposed laws and Congressional Publications will give you proposed laws.

Sources for Research on Culture and Politics of Technology

APA Citation Examples

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Finding Full Text of an Article

Brainstorming Keywords

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