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Journalism & Public Relations: JOUR 478

Public Relations Case Studies

Resources by Discipline


A simple way to find government statistics related to your case is to do the following search in Google:

Statistics [Topic]

If the state or federal government do not collect statistics, just take off the

Cultural Competency

This database can help you understand significant geopolitical, religious, cultural, ideological or socioeconomic differences among countries:

APA Citation Examples

Finding Cases & Case Studies

More tips on finding case studies from Temple University.

Current Cases vs. Historic Cases

Current or recent cases are not likely have scholarly or analytic research about them yet. You will probably need to find research for similar cases or about the underlying issue.

Finding Ads/Commercials

To search for ads/commercials, try ISpot.TV/browse

Researching a Case

Start with News Coverage

Read coverage from general news organizations and from trade publications. Here are three databases with news and trade publications.

Get Company Information

Learn about the company being analyzed: executives, financials, competitors, news. Here are two databases to help:

Research Underlying Issue

  • For example, if your case involved the Angels' handling of the Tyler Skaggs overdose, you might look for research on professional athletes and drug abuse.
  • Check public opinion polls on the issue.
  • Look for case studies for similar cases.

Try OneSearch or one of these databases to start:

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