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CHLS 104 - Shaver Fall 2020: Home

How to use your CHLS 104 Research Guide

Welcome to your CHLS 104-Shaver Research Guide!

This research guide is intended for Fall 2020  and Spring 2021 CHLS 104-Shaver with a focus on your Argumentative Research Assignment and Annotated Bibliography.

Throughout this guide you will find links, videos, images, powerpoint slides, prezi slides, and dynamic tutorials to help you on your research journey!

Explore the tabs above freely and use this guide as you see fit!

What you can find in this Guide (live links below):





Live link to the CSULB University Library Homepage

Susan Luevano

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Nicollette Brant

Caroline Sinay Gudiel

Caroline Sinay Gudiel

Take your time and explore!

Be curious, prepare, ask for help, and always be kind to yourself!