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CHLS 104 - Shaver Fall 2020: Presentation Slides & Videos for CHLS 104

Presentation Slides and Videos on Research Basics for CHLS 104

YouTube presentation: Argumentative Research Assignment

This video is on Research Basics for CHLS 104'S Argumentative Research Assignment Spring 2020 (11 minutes)

No time to view the entire video? Skip ahead to these sections:

Topic & Research Questions (how to make a research question): 00:36

Assignment Requirements: 1:41

Sources: 2:20

Research Strategy Tips ( Boolean, Truncation, Adjacency): 4:50

Start your Search at CSULB Library (3 Ways to Start Searching @ Library) : 7:08

Additional Help (Contact Info) : 10:15

Closed Captions and Subtitles are available by selecting "CC" on the video

Prezi Presentation Slides used in this video are on the next column to the right.

Slides for CHLS 104: Research Basics~ Sinay Gudiel, C.

CHLS 104 Class Presentation Slides-Luevano