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CHLS 104 - Shaver Fall 2020: Topic & Research Question

What do you want to write about?

Do you already have a research question? If so, skip this section... If you do not, take a look below to get some ideas on how to build a research question!

List of question words and phrases








In what ways?

What's your topic?

Build on your topic, keywords, and questions words by considering the following...

Time Frame Groups Affected Geographic Location ...adolescents? juveniles? college students? rural areas? the 1990's? men? elderly men? urban areas? the 21st century? ...latinas? young women? Los Angeles? in universities? in elementary schools?

Find examples of research questions in the right hand column!

A quick 1 minute video on how  to identify keywords related to your research topic

Example of a Research Question

President Trump must not build a continuous border wall between the US and Mexico​

  • Why do we need a wall?​

  • Is there an immigrant crisis at the US//Mexico borderlands? ​

  • How many undocumented immigrants and/or asylum seekers cross the border each year? ​

  • How do the number of border crossers compare with the Canadian/ US borderlands?​

  • What would the wall cost? Where would the money come from?​

  • What are the environmental impacts of a continuous wall?​

  • Will a continuous wall stop migration or will these people find another way to enter the US?​

  • What interventions/policies might decrease or stop mass migration to the US?​

Video on How to make a research question