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NUTR 337 Introduction to Nutrition Research Methods

Here you will find research tips and links to resources to help Nutrition & Dietetics students with their research

Developing a Research Topic

Research Topic Selection in Nutrition and Dietetics

Numerous topics influence health, research, fitness, trends, and marketing in Nutrition and Dietetics. To assist in your exploration and developing a research topic, the information provided below directs you to various resources. These include websites, periodicals, journals, and news feeds that cover areas such as the Top 10 Nutrition Trends, Lifecycle Nutrition, and more

How to Choose a Research Topic:

1. Pick a topic that captivates you for easier research and analysis.
2. Target topics that address or question key concepts in the field.

Refining Your Topic:

1. Read up on your topic using online resources and OneSearch.
2. If too broad, narrow it using questions like:

  •  Who is impacted? Where and when is it relevant?
  •  Are there associated organizations or institutions?
  •  What are the main questions surrounding it?
  •  Does it challenge existing field concepts?
  •  Is it a fleeting trend or long-standing issue?
  •  Understand the range of perspectives on the topic.
  •  Has its relevance shifted over time?

Top 10 Nutrition Trends

Find Your Research Topic Using OneSearch, Databases, or the Following Websites


Library Discovery Tools:

Key Word or Subject search the CSULB Discovery Tool - OneSearch

Nutrition and Dietetics - Subject Related Databases


Sites to Top 10 Nutrition Trends:

Dairy Council of California Top Food and Nutrition Topics Trends

Kerry Health and Nutrition Institute Ten Key Health and Nutrition Trends 2024

Natural Grocers 2024 Trends

Let's Eat Healthy Nutrition Topics

Periodicals, Journals, Newsfeeds


Use Current Periodicals, Journals, or News Feed


Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics News Feed

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ScienceDaily Nutrition Research News Feed

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Lifecycle Nutrition Information

USDA National Agricultural Library - Food and Nutrition Information Center 

Food and Nutrition Information Center - Popular Topics

ACOG The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists