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Dr. Reddy's Classes: Quick Tips for Databases

This guide will help you find the resources you need for Dr. Reddy's classes.

Country Information

Use one or both of the following databases to obtain extensive information about a country.

CountryWatch: has in-depth reviews of 191 countries

  • use the Quick Links box on the left side of the initial search screen to choose your country
  • on the next screen look at the menu that appears on the left side of the screen and choose the topic you want to read about
  • to download a PDF of the country report you are looking at page down and look for COUNTRY PDF DOWNLOAD and then click on COUNTRY REVIEW to see the PDF of the report
  • once you see the PDF of the Country review you can download it to the computer that you are viewing it on

Global Road Warrior: has over 170 country reports that contain profiles that include business and cultural customs, demographics, travel information, the economy, and much more.

ABI Inform Complete

ABI Inform Complete is a comprehensive business database with over 3,200 journals covering business and economic conditions, corporate strategies, management techniques, as well as competitive and product information.

  • AND searches for the terms in the same paragraph
  • OR either of the words before or after OR can appear in the article
  • W/# searches for words within the specified number of words from each other (airport W/5 security)truncation symbol * (teen* = teens, teenager, teenagers ...)
  • wildcard symbol ? (globali? =  globalisation or globalization)

Business Source Premier

Business Source Premier offers articles from more than 2,300 journals. In addition, this resource contains company profiles, country reports, SWOT analyses, industry reports, and market research reports.

  • AND in the search requires that all the terms appear in the document
  • OR requires that at least one of the terms appears in the document
  • NOT excludes terms from the document
  • truncation symbol * (teen* = teens, teenager, teenagers ...)
  • wildcard symbol ? (globali?ation = globalisation or globalization)