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Qualtrics: YouTube Tutorials

Qualtrics is a powerful online survey tool that allows one to build surveys, distribute surveys and analyze responses from one convenient online location! It's available to all faculty, staff and students at CSULB.

Creating a Survey

This series of short and simple Qualtrics video tutorials are a courtesy of the University of Purdue's Teaching with Technology Center.


To select a specific training video, click the Purdue Qualtrics (12videos) link on the bottom of video. Once you click the link, a banner will show up with the different videos. Select your choice and click. Or, you can click on the links bellow:

  1. Creating a survey in qualtrics

  2. Changing survey options in qualtrics

  3. Create a question in qualtrics

  4. Question logic in qualtrics

  5. Validate a question in qualtrics

  6. Preview a survey in qualtrics

  7. Launch a survey in qualtrics

  8. Distribute a survey in qualtrics

  9. View survey results in qualtrics

  10. Exporting data from qualtrics

  11. Data filters in qualtrics

  12. Changing the survey appearance in qualtrics