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Article Metrics for Researchers: Traditional article metrics tools

Article Citation Counts/Cited References

Article citation counts aka cited references

Many library databases provide article citation counts traditionally known as cited references. Web of Science/Biological Abstracts/Zoological Record (the Thomson Reuter databases) have until now been the standard tool in this area.

Find out:

  • Who has cited your paper
  • How many times your paper has been cited
  • The most cited paper in your field
  • Create a citation alert to your articles (need to register)

Here is more information from the Web of Science website

Many other vendors are now including cited references:

  • Compendex includes “Scopus” cited references
  • IEEE Xplore “Paper Citations” and “Patent Citations” (primarily to IEEE publications)
  • Pubmed Central citing PubMed Central articles

It is important to know the general criteria that are being used to create this data.

Google Scholar also tracks cited references:

Cited references can be useful in tracking research trends, finding collaborators and mentors.