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Master of Science in Applied Nutrition and Dietetics

This guide guide presents a collection of informational resources to support the graduate level research process for NUTR & Dietetics graduate students.

Choose your topic

  • Keep current on new content in your field by registering for updates (See the About Alerts tab to learn more)
  • Examine literature reviews in your area of interest (See the Databases tab to learn more)

Identify gaps in the research

  • Gap statements describe unanswered research questions on the topic  
  • Find gap statements in the most recently cited and most relevant materials
  • The types of materials most likely to provide gap statements:
    • Literature Reviews, Systematic Review and Meta Analysis
  • Add these phrases to your search terms:
    • ​​​​​​"​Systematic Review"
    • "Literature Review"
    • "further research
  • Identify unanswered questions on the topic to formulate your research question and hypotheses