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Jewish Studies: United States History Page

Finding Historial Documents

In the CLASSIC COAST catalog, if you use the search term D:SOURCES, you will tend to find primary documents or texts in your topic. (The D stands for DESCRIPTOR or SUBJECT keyword).


D:SOURCES and SLAVERY (will find original documents on the issue)



Getting Help

See the links at the far right of this LibGuide to this subject librarian.

However, many of your questions can be answered by librarians at the Reference Desk, which is open most hours the library is.

Assistance is also provided by 24/7 Real Time Reference, live internet chat help.

You can also schedule a consulation with a subject librarian.


This guide is designed to provide a introduction for coverage for research in United States history, using a variety of research tools, either those which CSULB provides, or that are freely available on the Internet.

Primary History: FDR Home Movies

Primary History: Watch home movies of Franklin D. Roosevelt and family. At 07:50, FDR using a cane and wearing steel leg braces, leans on the arm of his son and "walks" to his 3rd inauguration on January 20, 1941.