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NUTR 334: Find Articles / Databases

Using the library for NUTR 334 students

How do I find Articles Online?

  • Select where to search (Do not use the big yellow box)
  • Break search into keywords
  • Search key terms using AND, OR
  • Truncation *
  • Use limiters (pub. year or type, etc.)

Use the Worksheet tab above!

To search within a particular journal, type that journal title in the search box and select Source or Publication (called different things in different datbases).

Article Databases

Not getting enough? Getting too many?

Getting not enough or no results?
  1. Check spelling
  2. Check which field it is searching (topic, author, etc.)
  3. Use less key words (get less specific)
  4. Use more "OR's" (common name, synonyms)
  5. Try another database

Getting too many results?

  1. Add more concepts (get more specific)
  2. Use more limiters (years, peer-reviewed only, etc.)

Access off-campus?

To access these databases from off-campus use your MyCSULB ID and password.

Getting the Full Text of an Article

1.  Full text in the database?


2. Click Get It @ CSULB


3.  Not available at CSULB? Request through BeachReach