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NUTR 334: Citing your Research

Using the library for NUTR 334 students

Article Citation

  • Author
  • Year
  • Title
  • DOI (Digital Object Identifier)
  • Journal Title
  • Volume
  • Issue
  • Page numbers

All the information you need to find and cite the article.

From Your Assignment

From your assigment:

  • References list.  References used for reports should be current, ideally published within the past 5 years, but no older than 8 years old.  Exceptions include landmark studies relevant research that hasn’t recently been conducted, or other exemptions deemed appropriate by the instructor.
  • APA format.  The report must be well cited (parenthetical in-text citations and reference list), using most current version of APA format (6th edition).  Reference list must be included at the end of the report on a separate page.