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Scholarly Communication

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What is Current Awareness?

Current Awareness is a way of keeping up with news in your field.  For many journals and newspapers, you can have updates e-mailed to you or read the tables-of-contents pages in an RSS feed reader. Most publishers and databases offer some sort of Auto Alert.  Many researchers, faculty, and graduate students make use of these current awareness features to keep up-to-date in their fields or in related fields.

What is RSS?

RSS or "Really Simple Syndication" is a way for internet sites to "push" content to readers.  Any regularly updated site will likely have an RSS feed, such as a blog, news site, or journal. Look for this symbol:

Signing up for RSS Feeds and Feed Readers

RSS feeds are a great way to keep current with publications you are interested it.  Most if not all of the services to the left also provide RSS feeds as an alternative to email alerts.  Set up a feed reader page.  Simple and free ones include feedly and MyYahoo.  Add feeds to your page by clicking the links on the page you are interested in, or by adding the URL to your reader.  All you have to do is visit your page to see updates from all your feeds at once. A well set up feed reader can be your only go-to place on the web.

Tables of Contents (TOC)

If you want to receive an auto-alert of the table-of-contents of a favorite journal rather than go through a particular vendor or publisher, simply enter the title of the journal, in quotes, into any internet search engine such as Google.  In most cases, the journal will have its own website and offer free e-mail updates listing table of contents for upcoming issues. 

Internet Resource Alerting Services