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This is the main CSULB Library Engineering page.

Use OneSearch for a preliminary search of a topic or a few good hits. 

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Using Google Scholar

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Tips for searching the Internet

Instead of providing a long list of relevant websites in engineering, it is more important to know how to critically evaluate what you find on the web.  

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Who wrote this? Can you verify their credentials?  Do they work for a company, government agency or a research organizations (look at the website – is it  .com, .gov, .edu, .net or .org)
  •  Is there contact information for the author or organization they represent?
  • Do they authors identify where they obtained the data?  This is critical for technical information.  It is usually preferable to use verifiable data from standard handbooks etc. rather than finding random information on the web
  • Is it current information?  (may not matter in the case of standard technical data).  Does the website have a “last updated” date?
  • Is the information biased? It may be if it is from a political organization that has an agenda

Having said that, the following meta-websites provide good critically evaluated starting points  for your exploration of the Internet:

Best of the Web: Technology

The WWW Virtual Library Engineering                                                                                                                                


No longer maintained but still has some good information



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Get It @ CSULB

Get It @ CSULB

This button appears in almost all of the Library's research databases (e.g. Academic Search Complete or PsycInfo).

Click the button to search CSULB's subscriptions for full text of your article.

If you have any problems, please report them at the link below: 

Not Available at CSULB?

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Is your article not available at CSULB?

Put in a request through BeachReach to get full-text of any article. 

You can get to BeachReach from the Get It @ CSULB page when you are searching in the databases.

Need more information on BeachReach? Visit our interlibrary services page.