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Streaming Media

Link to all of our streaming videos and music.

A note about availability of content

Many of our streaming services provide a changing selection of items.  (Similar to Netflix adding and removing movies.)  Because of this it is recommended that you check each semester whether the item you plan to use in class is still available.  Items should be stable for the length of a semester.  Faculty can also place specific items in eReserves, allowing students to find them easier, and you will be notified if the content is no longer available.


Digital Rights Management (DRM) refers to rules media vendors put on a user's ability to save, share, or otherwise copy items from their media collections.  DRM may also include a limit on the number of users who can access the items simultaneously.  Each media collection has different DRM rules, look to their help pages to find out.

Streaming Media

Streaming media includes sound and video that is viewed or listened to on the web.  The collections on this page are subscribed to by CSULB, so you will need a CSULB ID to use them off campus.

The majority of videos and songs are individually cataloged and searchable in OneSearch, but some are not.  You can search for titles, or go straight to specific collections from this page.  Once on the collection's site, you will be able to search for specific songs and videos, and browse what else is available.

Video Collections

Sound and Music Collections