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CSULB Antelope Valley Engineering program: Getting Started in Research

Library services for students in the College of Engineering Antelope Valley Engineering program

COVID 19 updates

We regret that at this time we are unable to provide our service to distance education of mailing print books from the University Library.  However there are plenty of online resources (books, journal articles, streaming media) to complete research assignments. Please always contact your librarian if you need assistance.  

Getting started - watch these videos

Welcome from the CSULB University Library!

To get you ready for research @CSULB, please watch these four short videos: three from my colleague Dr. Alexis Pavenick, our Literature Librarian and one short fun one from me! 

Please contact ME (not Dr. P.) if you have questions about research in engineering topics:

Signing into the Library and Finding Research Guides  (4 min) Search by Owner: Ramachandran, Subject: Engineering   

Watch a short video (40seconds) from your Engineering Librarian.  

Basic CSULB database Search Using Academic Search Complete  (7.41 mins)This is a good database to search for journal article any topic including engineering 

Searching CSULB's OneSearch (4.07 mins) Another good place to start your research for articles and books in any subject including engineering.

Dr. Pavenick's handout (referred to in the videos)

Remember DO NOT reach for Google but DO REACH for the CSULB Library’s home page!  We have a LOT of authoritative, credible sources for you that will save you time to find relevant resources on any topic!


Library Lingo



Call number




Peer Reviewed


Reference - Encyclopedias etc. that cannot be checked out

Reserve -  Books and other items for courses selected by instructors

Call Number - Number on the spine of a book or journal determining its place on the shelf

Database -searchable list of article titles and abstracts

Citation - identifying information of an article (title, author, etc.)

Abstract - summary of an article found at the beginning and in databases

Peer Reviewed - A premium quality journal article that has been reviewed by others knowledgeable in the field prior to publication

Journal - a published collection of articles (previously in print, now frequently online only)