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ENGR 101: Databases

Supporting the group project for ENGR 101

Business Databases (Industry Information)

Also consult the Business Research Guide for more databases.


OneSearch is a discovery tool that allows you to search most everything the CSULB Library owns or has access to - through one simple platform. It includes:

  • our local CSULB library items

  • items from all the other CSU campuses which you can borrow

  • articles from online journals

  • streaming audio and video content

  • digital repositories from universities, museums, and open-access archives around the world

We also have access to many government publications via  OneSearch that are freely available on the Internet. Government publications are important for many engineering disciplines.

OneSearch Help

OneSearch Video Tutorials 

It is important to know how to use OneSearch especially if you are searching for a specific book or item by title or author. 

It is also a good starting point to finding journal articles - and preferable to Google since you will mind more credible sources.  But if you want more targeted searching it is preferable to use a specialized engineering database. Consult the Engineering Research Guide.

You can use OneSearch for your ENGR101 project to find journal articles. Try the following strategies:

"chemical engineering" AND profession

"electrical engineering" AND development*  

Engineering and Science Databases

Examples above for finding out about latest developments in engineering.  Conduct more searches on the Internet to find similar sites. Use the term "developments" and your chosen discipline.

Also consult the Engineering Research Guide for more databases.